Friday, August 9, 2013

How to Style your Newborn Portrait Session - 8 Day Old Baby Girl.

The first time I met Andy and Nicola was about 2 weeks before their gorgeous baby girl Olivia was born. These guys are friends with some of our other clients (as so many of you are - I love that!) and they wanted to come in and meet up and have a chat about the styling of their newborn portraits and I am so glad that they did! A lovely couple who were so excited and had fantastic plans to decorate their home with Olivia's wall portraits.

We talked about colours and styles...Nicola and I had a great time looking through all the wraps, hats and props and by the end of our conversation, we had decided on colours that would complement their home and styling that they absolutely loved. I have to say, Andy was fantastic throughout the process and certainly had plenty of input as well - I usually expect Dad's to glaze over when we are doing that girly, design type thing, but he stayed strong - good work Dad!

Olivia came in at just 8 days old and she was another that just stole my heart. Tiny, delicate, gorgeous smoooshable lips, perfect skin - oh heavenly! Nicola and Andy had also brought along a throw rug that matched perfectly with their decor at home and that was our starting point for this gorgeous baby girl.

And sometimes (as anyone with a baby knows) things don't always go to plan! Our gorgeous baby girl happily slept her way through several different poses on this set....and then...that was it! She was awake. And none to happy about going back to happens sometimes...and you know what? That's ok. What can you do? Say "Hey gorgeous baby girl, we have a plan and you have to do your part" and then sulk about it all!!! Uummmm not going to happen. So what did we do? We simply arranged to come back a couple of days later - and she was amazing.

Nicola and Andy were kind enough to send me a photo of their Wall Display once it had been hung in their home and I am over the moon with how well it fits in with their home decor. Doesn't it look fantastic?

Thank you to Nicola and Andy for sharing their gorgeous new baby girl with me, you were all so wonderful to work with and I am so happy that you are a part of our little family here! Thank you also to your friends that were kind enough to recommend us to you -  and for recommending us to your friends as well! It never ceases to amaze and thrill me just how many of our clients know each other and I am so grateful to all of you that are kind enough to share your friends with us. Sometimes its like a big get together here!

Olivia is so beautiful and I hope you love your newborn portraits and much as I do guys! I look forward to seeing you and your beautiful girl soon.

Til next time,
Alicia xxx

Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Celebrate Turning One in Style!

Turning 1 is a major milestone and celebrating that first birthday is always a big occasion. And why shouldn't it be? It is amazing how much they grow in that first year. Think about this, only a year ago they were a tiny and new little bundle, now they are starting to walk, establish their new found freedom, push some boundaries and delight you as their personality really starts to emerge.

Leila's Mum selected this beautiful photo as her Milestone Wall Portrait.

Gorgeous Leila came to see us just 2 days after her first birthday for a Milestone Portrait Session and the very first thing I noticed was that she has the most amazing, clear, liquid blue eyes and porcelain doll skin. Added to that, she has quite a serious personality so I knew we were going to be able to take full advantage of those big blue eyes. You see, as much as we all love big smiley photographs of our babies, I always like to see some more serious ones as well. Why? Well when we smile, our cheeks go up and our eyes get that bit smaller (how many of you just tried that???) but when we don't smile, our eyes are at their largest - just perfect for showing them off!

And show them off, she certainly did!

Frills, lace, tulle, flowers and pearls were always going to be perfect for this adorable little doll.

I love working with families to create these gorgeous Milestone portraits. In these days when time flies by so quickly and we catch up with our friends and families lives with the scroll of a mouse. Where the event or the news is almost instantly forgotten as our poor brains struggle with the massive information overload that we receive every day. I believe portraits of our babies, our kids and our families are becoming more and more important to us. It's just one of the reasons why I love what I do so much!

Leila's Storyboard

A huge thank you to Leila's gorgeous Mum for bringing her baby girl in and allowing us to celebrate with you! Leila is gorgeous and your were both fantastic to work with. I hope your portraits bring you many years of wonderful memories and joy!

Til next time,
Alicia xxx