Friday, October 19, 2012

Newborn Portrait Session - baby girl.

Little Chloe was just 10 days old when she came in for her Platinum Newborn Portrait Session. An absolutely perfect baby girl, sleepy, gorgeous and happy for to be posed. She was so good, I was brave enough to try out something new - I wanted to have her sleeping in a basket. Yep, I know nothing new about that...but I wanted to turn the basket on it's side and have her curled up in there.

Her mum had brought with her the most beautiful baby blanket and I really like to use something of their own in their portraits. The result is the first portrait in the series below and I named the pose after her, it is now officially called (well around here anyway!) The Chloe.

Surely, that is just a hint of a smile...isn't it?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Family and Newborn Portrait Session

I always include Mum and Dad (if he can come along) in our Platinum Newborn Portrait sessions, and big brothers too! Little Darcy came along for his brand new baby brothers newborn portraits and between the two of them I wasn't sure who to cuddle first!

Darcy is a bit of a regular here, he has been along to several of our Santa's Workshops and is coming again this year and it has been fantastic to watch him grow. Now he has the most beautiful little brother Saxon and I was so happy to meet the latest addition to this fantastic family few weeks back.

I adore Kayleen's hair!

The men of the house.

 Isn't that just too cute? The brothers.

Gorgeous family!

Such a beautiful and sweet baby boy - look at those little lips...sigh.

And Grandma too!

Thank you for coming and sharing your new little man with me, he is so very beautiful. Plus it meant I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Kayleen when she came in to collect her wall portraits...and I always enjoy that. See you soon xxx.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Children's Photographs on your very own iPhone App???

Well, I love all things techie and geekie (including Big Bang Theory)...I don't always understand it first go round - I'm more Penny than Sheldon - but I love to give stuff a go. Now this is super cool..well I think so anyway! And several of my clients thought so too, so I included it in some of our Limited Edition Enchanted Garden Fairy Portrait and Granddad's Garage packages.

It's your very own iPhone App! Now please. What could be cooler than that??? It includes all the purchased images from the portrait session and can be viewed on an iPhone or iPad and then you can share it via email, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest - cool huh?

Want to see it in action? Click on the link below - when the images come up, click on one and then use the play button to run as a slideshow or the arrow keys down the bottom to go to each image. You can even try out the share and contact buttons as well! If you send it to your iPhone, the first time you open it you will receive instruction on how to add it to your homescreen...and from there, it is always available!

Tamia and Nyah Limited Edition Fairy Session

Noah and Jett Limited Edition Granddad's Garage Session

So give it a go! And don't forget to tell me what you think of it. Personally I think it is a fantastic, new way to share your kids portraits with friends and family and have them available on something that you have with you ALL the time - your phone. And then there is that other thing - it is really, really cool!

Tell me what you think!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Melinda's Maternity Portrait.

Melinda is one of those special people. You know the ones, those people that just make you happy to be around them? Yep, she is one of those. She has the most fantastic big, happy smile that you seriously cannot help but smile too - and she has a great sense of humour and a willingness to step out of her comfort zone and throw herself into trying new things with sense of fun and abandon.

So, it was all of those fantastic attributes that came together to make Melinda's Maternity Portrait so good. It was fun for all of us and I love Melinda's portraits - I know it sounds dumb but I feel like we really captured "Melinda". And she is beautiful. Inside and out. 


Monday, October 8, 2012

Newborn Portrait - Twin Boys!

We were so excited! Lynn and Andy came in for their Maternity Portraits a couple of months ago and they were so, so sweet! They knew they were having twins but had decided that they would not find what what they were having, so it was better than Christmas leading up to the birth of the twins! Lynn was in on the Wednesday to pick up her Maternity Portraits and we were talking about babies names, both boy and girl...I showed Lynn the hats I had made especially for her twins - 1 blue and brown, 1 pink and brown and one cream and brown - after all I had to cover all bases!

We have twins in the family and know how very special they are and these babies would also be the first set of twins I had photographed as newborns in the studio...oh yes, I was excited! Really, really excited! Lynn told me she would let me know as soon as the babies were born - can you imagine my excitement when on the Friday night, I received a text message to tell me that 2 gorgeous, healthy little men had arrived - little Hunter and Chase - so, I was messaging Miss Mel, telling everyone about MY special would have thought it was me that did all the work in the labour ward! Seriously though, I could not wait to meet them.

They came in at 2 weeks of age and they were truly adorable...heart melting....sigh. They slept and they fed...I have to say there was an awful lot of pee - just ask Andy, he wore most of it! and then they slept some more - two perfect little men.

And to top it all off, Lynn came in last week to sit down and relax for an hour or so and view the twins Newborn Portrait session here on our big screen. It was fantastic, both babies woke up for a feed -  Lynn had a baby, I had a baby and we were feeding babies and watching their DVD Slideshow and talking about how beautiful they are and how 2 babies is twice as much fun and twice as little sleep - a perfect morning! I can't wait to watch these two beautiful boys grow over the next year.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Santa's Workshop is back in Penrith in 2012!

It’s that time of year!
Time to battle the crowds at the mall and get your children’s photos done with Santa…
If that statement isn’t quite filling you with the joy of Christmas, you should read on.

Are you -

Tired of standing in line for ages? Dreading the stress? Sick of the same old “On Santa’s knee with a cheesy grin” photos?

Do you -

Want something a little bit special? Want your kids to have a fun Christmas experience? Want photo greeting cards to send to friends and family?

I can help!

Hi, my name is Alicia Birch, I am a photographer and I love photographing kids. On top of that, I just love Christmas as well.

This Christmas, why not bring your kids along for our Limited Edition Santa’s Workshop Photo Sessions! Complete with a grandly decorated Christmas Tree, stockings hanging on the mantle, beautifully wrapped Christmas pressies and of course the bearded man himself, Mr Santa Claus!

Christmas should be fun and exciting, and your photos will capture all the wide eyed innocence that makes Santa’s arrival so very special! The look of delight on your child’s face when Santa sneaks in will make you turn your back on the “production line” style mall photos forever!


Our Santa’s Workshop Sessions will be held on Friday 2nd and Saturday the 3rd and 10th of November 2012 in Cranebrook. The session will take 20 minutes and spaces will be limited to just 10 sessions per day. Sessions are by appointment only.

What will it cost?

Including the Santa’s Workshop Portrait Session and 25 personalised Photo Greeting Cards for you to send to your friends and family this Christmas.

I love all the photo’s, can I buy more?

Of course you can! After your session, your portraits will be displayed in a password protected online gallery for 7 days for you to make your selection for your greeting cards. If there are other images from your child’s session that you would like, you are more than welcome to purchase them. Our Limited Edition Pricing will be available for Santa's Workshop with packages starting from just $60.

How Do I Book?

To secure your child’s Santa’s Workshop photo session call today on 0419 411588.
Or by email -

Spaces are limited to 10 per day –
To avoid disappointment (and the Christmas crowds at the mall) please book early.

Check us out on Facebook and click like to be notified of special offers and upcoming theme days.

Take a look at the fantastic portraits from our 2011 Santa's Workshop -

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No two Family Portraits are the same!

And they shouldn't be! No two families are the same, we all have different relationships and things in our lives that are special to us and us alone. My family here in Sydney is fairly small, just Robert and I...but then there is Tilly the dog and The Poose (the Diva cat who runs the show here) and I know that our family portrait just wouldn't be complete without the two of them in it. And that's the way it was when Karen called me about having a family portrait done.

Karen told me that she has a small family, just her Dad and her little dog Bailey and that she would love to have her Family Portrait done at her beautiful little cottage and garden that she has put so much love and work into. Fantastic! I love it when we can incorporate the places that people really care about into their portrait as well - the family home is always full of memories, so what better place to create some more?

When I arrived, I found the most beautiful, picture perfect cottage complete with the most gorgeous garden.  Standard and climbing roses, foxgloves, azaleas and camellias - and that was the front yard! Not to mention, Karen is a collector of all things old and rustic, I was in my element discovering Karen's wonderful collection of tools, bikes, fences, bird cages, tubs, troughs, old timber many fantastic things - honestly I had the best time! I could see just how important Karen's garden was to her, so it was important to me that we feature as much of the garden as we possibly could.

Karen's little dog Bailey was such a good boy and was fairly happy to pose beautifully wherever he was told - amazing considering Jack Russell's are such a busy little breed of dog - he had his busy moments but was happy enough to play our game. He was whip smart too - I got away with making dog noises to get his attention for a little while but he was awake to me pretty quick so I resorted to bribery - it's amazing what a Smacko will achieve. Karen's Dad was an absolute gentleman and put up with me asking him do fluffy, photographery stuff and wedging him into places that not too many men want to spend an hour doing - particularly when the Rugby Union Final is on! And Karen well, she was just an absolute delight and the most gracious hostess - she put up with me oohing and aahing over all her wonderful things, I could barely bring myself to leave!

Thank you Karen, Ron and Bailey! I so enjoyed meeting you and spending some time with you and most of all, I love that we were able to create your family portraits in a setting that you love so much. I love the portraits we created on the day and I hope that they will bring you great joy for many years to come.