Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why are Newborn Portraits so special?

I love Newborn Portrait sessions. Tiny bundles of goodness that smell so sweet and look like little angels here on earth. I love the emotion between mother and child, the protectiveness of a new dad and seeing a couple embark on their journey as a family. It truly is a special honour and privilege to be a part of those moments and to capture this huge milestone for my clients.

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely young family recently with their gorgeous new baby girl. She is amazingly beautiful and her parents were simply fantastic to work with - the best part is, she is a member of our Baby's First Year program so I will continue to watch her grow over the next 12 months! It is really special to be able to photograph these babies over the course of a year - their biggest growth year - as they grow from teensy weensy newborn to vibrant, giggling, happy little toddler in what seems like the shortest space of time. If it goes so quick for me, it must feel like the blink of any eye for the parents! They are only this tiny for a fleeting moment and that is what makes every Newborn Portrait so very, very special.

Please welcome 15 day old Andrea.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Granddad's Garage Limited Edition Portrait Sessions

As a child, I adored my Grandfather's garage. It was a place of hidey holes, funny smells and home to my Pop's old HR Ute. There were so many things in there that were different and interesting and Pop would tell my brothers and I stories (some of them a little embellished) of what those tools were for and where they came from. Some of the best memories of my childhood come from the hours I spent in that garage, polishing the ute with my wonderful grandfather. He loved that car and to this day,  I can still hear his Welsh sing-song voice "Best car in Waratah, Lici! Tah-tah!"

I love those memories and when I was planning to do a Theme Day for my clients with little boys, I was inspired to do something that captured the feel of an old time garage, complete with a well loved car, dusty old crates and fantastic old tins filled with all sorts of ...well, interesting stuff ! So, we now have our Granddad's Garage Limited Edition Portrait Sessions!

Part of our Heirloom Collection, our Granddad's Garage Limited Edition Portrait Day is sure to be a hit with your little boys!

We have opened up the garage, pulled the cover off Granddad's Roadster and blown the dust from the old grease and oil tins. Just like the garage you remember from when you were a child, there are oil stains on the floor and the smell of yesteryear in the air...add to that our classic bib and brace overalls, twill driving cap and corduroy pants with suspenders - all you need is your little man to make this charming portrait session complete. The photographs are truly unique and I am sure they will give you and your little boy timeless memories for many years to come. A sample album can be viewed on my Facebook Page 

The date for our Granddad's Garage sessions is the 30th of June 2012, our Limited Edition pricing of $79 includes a 6x8" print portrait - Limited Edition packages will also be available.

We only have space for 12 sessions on the day and they are certain to fill quickly - in fact we only have 6 spaces left! Sessions times are pre-booked - if you would like to book your session, please call on 0419 411588 or email - to reserve your space.

Just like our Enchanted Garden Fairy Portrait sessions, Granddad's Garage has been hugely popular and our first day is a sell out already! If you would like to bring your little man along for one of our future Granddad's Garage Portrait days, we have a pre-register list if you would like to add your name. Simply send us an email and we will add you for next time. Our you might like to sign up for our Mailing List to receive notification for our upcoming Theme Days - there is always something special going on and we would love to have you join us for a fun day and gorgeous children's portraits!

Alicia :)