Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Corbin - 11 Day Old Newborn Baby Boy.

I just love this family! Anita and Josh are two of the most genuine, kind and fantastic people I have had the pleasure of meeting and their kids are just adorable! I first photographed little Charlotte (who is nearly 2 1/2 now) when she was a baby and have enjoyed watching her grow over the past couple of years. One of our original "Darling Diva's" Charlotte has a huge personality and I always love spending time with her.

With the arrival of her new baby brother Corbin, I got to do just that when he came in for his newborn portrait session. Now Charlotte thinks Corbin is simply wonderful, but on this particular day...when I wanted her to lay down next to Corbin...Charlotte did not think that was a great idea! It was kinda like when magnets repel...if I moved him an inch towards her - she moved an inch away...and gave me THAT look! You just have to laugh at the stuff kids do!

Corbin is the sweetest little man, so peaceful and snuggly and he gave me gorgeous cuddles. He was just 11 days old when he came in and an absolute treasure to work with - sleepy and happy for us to pose him just about any way we wanted to.

Aren't they just the most gorgeous family? I love these guys to bits!

Thank you Anita and Josh for trusting me with your family's memories over the past few years. You guys are both beautiful and your kids are simply adorable. I love having you as a part of our little family here.

Alicia xxx

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Children's Portrait Session - Grace and Matthew.

Children's Portrait Sessions are always exciting and great fun. Two different ages, two different personalities just double up the amount of interesting things you can get up to with the kids.

Grace and Matthew came in a few weeks back, Matthew had portraits done at about the age Grace is now and her Mum wanted something special with the two kids and particularly of gorgeous little Grace. Matthew was on fire - a typical little boy that wanted to be involved in everything and he showed off his personality perfectly. Grace being a perfect little lady is by nature a little more reserved and looks just like a porcelain doll.

Both kids have the most incredible eyes (courtesy of their Mum) and I adore a serious portrait as it shows off their big, beautiful eyes so well.

Isn't Grace just adorable? And you just have to love the "birds" - kids somehow manage to do that to me on a regular basis and it always makes me giggle.

Thank you for bringing your kids in Rebecca - they are simply gorgeous and a heap of fun. I loved working with you, Grace and Matthew!

Alicia xxx

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

8 Day Old Newborn Baby Girl.

Oh Lulu...such sweet perfection. She was just full of gorgeous girlishness and was so utterly glamorous at just 8 days of age.

I always love it when we have been a part of a new baby's life even before they were born. Lulu's Mum, Laura, had a beautiful Maternity Portrait with us just a few weeks before Lulu was due to arrive. When we have spent time with mum's beforehand it always adds a little something special to meeting the new baby, that only a few weeks before we were celebrating as a beautiful baby bump. The sense of anticipation here as the baby's due date gets closer is fantastic - Miss Mel and I have discussions on whether bub will be early or late, boy or girl (if it's a surprise!) and how much cuddling we plan to do.

The part I love the most is when my mum's ring me or on occasions send me a text - and it's only hours after the birth...I get so excited. I remember clearly being in the McDonalds drive through on one occasion and receiving the text message that twins had arrived....and me, unable to concentrate on my coffee order, telling the drive through girl that my new twins were here! And they are both boys and I absolutely love them already! LOL...the look on her face informed me that she though I was deranged and possibly dangerous.

Lulu's arrival was another of those moments. I was in the studio when Miss Mel received an email and a text message - complete with photos - of this gorgeous baby girl. Miss Mel poked her head in the door of the studio and I knew straight away that she had exciting news - she looked about to burst! And in typical sweet, lovely and completely professional Miss Mel fashion she said very politely "Laura's has had the baby - its a girl." Just music to my ears....and when I learned her name - I was in heaven!

8 days later there she was, in my arms and stealing my heart as they so often do. Her parents are such a wonderful couple and seeing them together as a family made me melt. She was such a good baby girl and once she had a full tummy she slept well and was so beautiful while she did it - she even gave me a little smile here and there....and like a true girly girl, she was very coy with those darling smiles

Laura and George, thank you for sharing your adorable Lulu with us. The 3 of you are the perfect little family and I loved being a part of your family's journey, meeting you has been very, very special.

Alicia xx

Saturday, May 11, 2013

World's Greatest Shave 2013.

For many years, I have talked about shaving my head to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation during the World's Greatest Shave. I figured that it's only hair and it will grow back...but actually biting the bullet and doing it? Well, that was my sticking point. As much as I have always wished to have thick, curly, BIG hair...and my own hair drives me insane, somehow shaving off my hair was almost like walking through the main street of Penrith naked and that's not an idea I relish!

My Dad was diagnosed with cancer in September 2011 and was told he had a year at the most. Dad was always the type to dig in if someone told him what he could and could not do and he fought long and hard to prove his point - he had longer than a year! And he did, we had 2 more wonderful Christmases and 2 more birthdays with him, for which I am forever grateful, sadly he left us on 25th January 2013.

My Dad and I - October 2012.

This year when I saw the World's Greatest Shave advertised, I felt compelled to take part. I still ummed and aahed about it, I had my doubts and it took me forever to go to the Leukaemia Foundations page to register. But having been through my Dad's struggle over the previous 18 months, I knew that I wanted to do SOMETHING to help others that are battling cancer. Leukaemia, breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer...doesn't matter what type of cancer, I feel it is important to raise awareness of the disease and to raise funds in the fight against ALL cancers.

I was late getting off the mark, I registered on Sunday 3rd March and set my shave date for Thursday 14th March - I didn't have long to raise some funds. So I set a goal of $1000, I figured that we had a good chance of making that (if you know me at all, you will know that once I set out to achieve something, I will not stop until it is done) and maybe we could get just a little bit beyond that target. Over the course of the next week, I was moved to tears so many times. Everybody got behind me and supported my shave. Clients, friends, old workmates, business associates, family...people I hadn't seen for years....people I didn't know! Whether it was $20 or $200, I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the wonderful people I have around me.

On the morning of my shave, we had raised $1881 and just before the clippers attacked my head, Rebekah and Lawrence from Origin Fitness kicked in a whopping $170 to get us to DOUBLE the original target - over $2000.

So it was now or never. I set up my webcam and the clippers, made myself a cup of tea....and sat there looking at the clippers for what felt like an eternity. I finally said to myself - JUST DO IT!!! And picked up the clippers and mowed a strip straight up the middle of my head from back to front - I like to call that the Reverse Mohawk :) The best part about it was, it left me with zero options...finishing it off was going to be easy!

I cried when I was finished shaving my head....not because of the hair...there's more about that at this link...

The Day I Shaved My Head.

What did I learn from this experience? I learned that the people I know (and even some that I don't know!!) are incredibly generous and completely amazing. I learned that many, many people have been touched in some way by cancer - people shared their stories with me...and we shed tears for our lost loved ones together. I learned that my hair (or lack of it) does not define me. I learned that stepping outside my comfort zone for a good cause was actually very easy to do and unbelievably rewarding.

I shaved my head for all the people that do not have a choice as to whether they have hair or not - their chemo takes that choice away from them. I shaved my head to raise funds for research into this horrid disease so that hopefully one day, cancer can be cured. I shaved my head to support families that are going through this....And I shaved my head for my dear, sweet, determined Dad.

By the end of our fundraising efforts we have raised $2687 and I am so very proud and completely humbled by your support. Thank you to everyone that donated to my shave and am so grateful to you all, you helped me achieve something that I will cherish forever.

And this is me now - 7weeks later and my hair is soooooo long! There has been a few interesting, funny and "that could only happen to me!!" things along the way. I discovered quickly that having flies land on your super short hair is on of the most "eeeeewwwww" feelings ever. Washing and styling hair that short is one of life's great pleasures! Resting your sunglasses on your head results in 2 dents that make you look like My Favourite Martian :) and blow drying 1/2 inch long hair has its challenges - should you use a pipe cleaner or a mascara wand as a round brush!

My new hair! 7 Weeks and 2 Days.

Thank you all again, words can barely express how much I appreciate your generous sponsorship and words of support and encouragement....thank you all, I am forever grateful.

For my Dad. Allan Birch.

Alicia (aka Floss)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Darling Darcie - Newborn Portrait.

Beautiful and delicate. Divine and delightful. Gorgeous 15 day old baby girl Darcie...and didn't she have me in a lather of sweat!

She came in with her Mum, Dad and big sister Georgia and right from the very first moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was very special. Darcie had a strong personality and knew her likes and dislikes already. Now I always have to fit in with the baby - I tell all my clients that baby gets to run the show...but Darcie all but read me the riot act and said THIS is all I am prepared to do today!

We started out with her family portraits as we always do when we have a toddler involved as well. I know only too well that our toddlers have a short attention span so I like to get their work done first...not too many toddlers are going to hold it together over the duration of a newborn portrait - even exceptional ones like Georgia. Darcie slept through her group photos and with Georgia...and then it was time for her to take centre stage.

Well, she was awake. And cranky! And let us know in no uncertain terms that she was well and truly done for the day and there would be no further photo opportunities until she was good and ready! OK, Darce, OK!!! Now this happens sometimes - rarely - but it does happen....and what are you gonna do??? All you can do is take in in your stride and move on to plan X, Y or Z. Fortunately Mum and Dad are from Cranebrook and we made arrangements to have Darcie back two days later.

Our plans must have suited little Darcie, as she came back in sleeping and ready to work...and my goodness was she beautiful! We worked quickly and in under an hour, Darcie had completed 4 or 5 different sets and was still sleeping...I'm a quick learner though and wasn't going to push my luck, just in case she decided to nail me again. I was so happy with the session, I decided to quit while I was ahead - and just look at her! She is absolutely gorgeous - I am in love with her newborn portraits.

So here's a little postscript to Darcie's story. On the Easter weekend I was having coffee in Penrith when Kylie (Darcie's) Mum came over to say hello. I asked her if she had Darcie with her and she brought her over so I could see now she was about 2 and a half months old. So there she was, completely awake and still so beautiful...and I turned to mushy goo (like I do!) and said to her "Oh you gorgeous, rotten little thing. Didn't you make me jump through hoops?"  She looked at me and popped out the biggest, sweetest smile...cheeky, rotten little...SHE KNEW!! I just know she did - and I love her for it!

Kylie, thank you so much - you, Wes and the girls are simply wonderful and I loved having you here...and I will never, ever forget beautiful Darcies' newborn session :)

Alicia xxx

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jakes' First Birthday Portrait.

I first met little Jake when he was brand new. His gorgeous Mum Alisha brought him along for our Baby's First Year program and watching him grow up over his first 12 months has been an absolute joy.

He is so cheeky and handsome - I just know the girls will be falling all over themselves at daycare for him...and I think that might just continue when he is all grown up! A fantastic personality, killer smile and his Mum is a doll - what more could a baby girl want in a boy?

Really, can someone tell me how they get so big so quick?  Just look at this darling little monster! I could just smooch him all day!

Stinkin' Rotten Cute with his movie star looks.
Gorgeous baby boy!

A special moment with his Granddad's Army gear at 4 months.
Practising his "Blue Steel" at 8 months.

His Mum brings him along for our Santa's Workshop each year as well and I can't wait to see him at the end of this year. My bet is he will be even more ridiculously cute - if that is even possible!

Thank you Alisha - you know how much I love having you and little Jake around - you guys are Cool with a capital "C".

Much love
Alicia xxx