Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Enchanted Garden Limited Edition Fairy Portraits August 2013.

The Enchanted Garden Limited Edition Fairy Portraits August 2013.

Saturday 24th August 2013 

Would you like to join us for a swirly, girly, Fairy experience that your little girl will simply adore?

Exclusive to Alicia Birch Photography and part of our Heirloom Collection, the Enchanted Garden Fairy Day is sure to be loved by your little girls...and I think, most of us big girls too!

The stage is set and looks fantastic, from our pretty, fluffy fairy dresses, flower garlands for their hair, our sparkly crystal ball right down to the magic mushroom and reflection pond - your little fairy princess will adore this magic experience. These portraits are truly unique and classically beautiful and I am sure they will give you and your little girl beautiful memories for many years to come. A sample album can be viewed on my Facebook Page

The date for our Enchanted Garden sessions is the 24th of August, our Limited Edition pricing of $89 includes a 6x8" print portrait - Limited Edition Wall Portrait Packages will be available for purchase.

We only have space for 12 little fairies on the day and they are certain to fill quickly - in fact we only have 3 sessions left and would love to see your little girl there. Sessions times are pre- booked - if you would like to place a booking for your daughter, please call on 0419 411588 or email - to reserve your space.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Newborn Baby Boy - 10 Day Old Aston

We adore all of our families and Geoffrey, Kelly and Aston are really special to us. You see, Geoffrey's Dad is mates with my Father in Law...they both do excavations and have known each other for many years. Going back a couple of years Geoffrey and Kelly asked us to photograph their wedding day celebrations. Now, during our meetings, Kelly and I got talking and it turns out - I know her Mum and Dad...(who knew!!!) - from 20 years ago! Talk about 6 degree's of separation! It's alive and well right here!

Just before Christmas last year, Kelly called me to book in for our Santa's Workshop Sessions in 2013....hang on a second - that can only mean one thing! Yes, Kelly and Geoff were expecting a new baby boy and he was due to arrive in March! Honestly - I could barely wait to meet this little man.

Aston came in at 10 days new for his Newborn Portrait Session and he was simply divine. One of those babies that sleeps perfectly, hardly ever cries - yes, I can hear plenty of Mums cursing with jealousy...Kelly and Geoff are blessed with such a perfect little boy.

Kelly is super creative and she had decorated the baby's room in gorgeous bright colours and I was excited to see that she had brought along the letters that make up his name on his nursery wall. On top of that - Geoff had found the BEST little Tonka Tip Truck that they wanted to include in Astons portrait session. Oh yeah - this was exciting! Knowing the family (both sides) like I do, I was aware that Kelly's Mum and Dad have Tilt Trays and Trucks and Geoff's Dad has Tippers - I love working with props that have meaning for the family, it makes the images even more special.

So while we were preparing the set, I was looking for something that I could use to prop up the letters of Aston's name....Geoff who happens the be a carpenter had his work truck here and had a fantastic idea. The spirit level! You can see it there behind the letters and it fits in perfectly in every way!

I adore this little man with his Dad's hand on him, keeping him safe.

And here is Kelly and Geoffrey's gorgeous Wall Portrait display in their home. It looks absolutely beautiful and I am so proud to have played a part in the special milestone moments in their lives - my heart skips a beat every time I look at this.

Thank you Kelly and Geoff. While we are all about making memories for our clients (friends), you guys and all our clients, whether you know it or not, are also creating wonderful moments and memories for us here. Being able to share these special times with you means the world to Miss Mel and I. Your little man is so precious, thank you for being a part of our family and for allowing us to be a part of yours.

Til next time,
Alicia  xxx

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Twin Boys - Hunter and Chase!

Oh these two will just steal your heart. They have the most beautiful big blue eyes and cheeky big smiles - one of them would be devastatingly cute but 2 of them? Well that just adds up to stinkin', rotten', terrible, cuteness overload!

Hunter and Chase are really special to us, we first met their Mum and Dad before they were born when we did their Maternity Session, so we have really known these guys all their lives! That feels really kinda special. They were 8 months old when they were in a few weeks ago and an absolute bundle of fun! 

Check out the big smiles on these two!

Two adorable little men that absolutely melt my heart every single time I see them...and who is who? Well,in the photo above Hunter is on the left and Chase is on the right....no...Chase is on the left...actually I think I had them round the right way the first time! Where's their Mum - Lynn can you help me out??? :)

Til next time,
Alicia xxx

Sunday, July 14, 2013

17 Day old Newborn Baby Girl - Jessica!

Another gorgeous local family that have become our friends. Jenny, Mick, Maddie and their new baby girl Jessica came in for their newborn portraits and right from the start, we all got along like a house on fire. By the end of the session we were old friends and it was such a pleasure to get to know this fantastic family.


Maddie was such a good girl and at just 4 was so easy to work with - she even had idea's about how she should hold Jessica - too cute! And little Jessica, what can I say - simply beautiful! Gorgeous full lips, creamy skin and once she went to sleep she was happy for us to pose her any which way we pleased.

Jenny is just the best Mum - gorgeous, patient, relaxed with an awesome sense of humour - one of those fantastic women that just picks up motherhood like she wrote the manual.

Now I have to say that Mick earned himself huge brownie points when he took Maddie out for a treat while we finished with little Jessica - now that bit is appreciated, BUT - can you believe he came back with Cappuccino's all round AND iced doughnuts! I had already decided he was a good bloke but his stocks shot up enormously when he returned with gifts!! Ahhhhh coffeee....Bless you, Mick - it was exactly what we needed!

I always love our Storyboards and this one is simply stunning!

Jenny and Mick - I love that we were able to meet and spend time with you and your family. It really felt like we were catching up with old friends. Thank you for sharing your beautiful girls with us, we loved meeting you all. I adore Jessica's newborn portraits and your family portraits, every time I look at them I can't help but smile.

Til next time,
Alicia :)