Monday, June 23, 2014

12 Week Old Baby Steals the Show! Ainsley. Baby Portrait Session.

Adorable. That is the only word I can use for this delightful baby girl! Ainsley was about 12 weeks old when she came in for her baby portraits with her Mum and Dad and she absolutely stole the show (and my heart!!) along the way.

 The best part about baby portraits at this age is they are smiling and starting to interact beautifully and if all the planets align, they will drop off to sleep for some gorgeous sleepy poses as well. This baby girl gave us everything - awake and bubbly for her sets with Mum and Dad, then off for a quick 20 minute cat nap where she was oh so beautiful - just have a look at those eyelashes!

Then she woke up. Oh my goodness child! Could you be any more beautiful!

Apparently the answer is YES! I was quite sure that she would be all grumblebum after her nap (most of them take a while to wake up) but not our gorgeous girl! She turned her star power on with all her might and had Mum, Dad and I in heaven! I adore those little elbow dimples - how terribly cute are they?

She was so clever with her tummy time and the sweetest little doll!

Thank you Rachel and Jamie for sharing Ainsley with me, she is a delight!

Til next time,
Alicia xxx


  1. Really you have taken awesome new-born bay photo session. I appreciate your work most.

  2. Such a pleasure to look at the adorable little pictures and read the blog. Felt like reading a beautiful short story, sad that its over now:( im thrilled and greatly impressed to take baby photography. Love the little baby girl, no wonder she stole your heart! The backdrops and props which you have used are lovely – very simple and classy.