Thursday, June 19, 2014

His Daddy Is Defence Force - Baby Boy Newborn Portrait Session.

Patricia and Tom are part of the family here. They have been coming for many years and I have been honoured to photograph all 3 of their children as babies, for Easter, Christmas, their Family and Maternity portraits and soon the girls are coming in for Fairy Portraits. We are such old friends now that when these guys come in, we think about ordering in a pizza or two - we KNOW we are going to be chatting and laughing for hours.

In the lead up to baby number 3 - darling little Charlie, Tom and I were discussing how we could incorporate some of his Australian Defence Force items into little Charlie's newborn portraits. We had a few ideas about using Tom's dogtags, boots and hat...and then...we started talking about his camo pants, specifically the side pocket...we had an idea...but it was going to require a whole lot of co-operation from an exceptional baby. Our plan was set - I told Patricia and Tom that all they had to do now was bring me the perfect baby (I don't ask for much!!) - and somehow, they did.

This little man was a star, so squishy and sleepy. There are not too many baby's that could sleep through being put in the pocket of his Daddy's cams but it was a perfect, cosy fit for little Charlie and he did not stir once! Hi Mummy was on hand to keep him nice and safe as well but this little guy was as safe as a boy can be with his Daddy.

He was happy to pose just about anywhere for us, he truly was an amazing baby to work with...that may just have something to do with how amazing his Mum and Dad are too!

He even managed to crack out a gorgeous smile for us.

Thank you for sharing your family with me, Tom and Patricia, I always adore seeing you all and watching your family grow.

Til next time
Alicia xxx

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