Saturday, June 14, 2014

Granddad's Garage Limited Edition Portraits for Little Boys.

"There is so much for little girls, when are you going to do a Limited Edition set for boys? I want something sweet and gorgeous before he grows up!"

That's the conversation I was having with many Mum's a couple of years back - and I agreed wholeheartedly!

I heard what our Mum's were feeling. They wanted something timeless, that captured the sweetness of their boys - and something that their little boy would enjoy and have a great experience doing it.

As a child, I loved my Pop's garage. With it's old tins, strange looking tools that did who know's what, the smell of oil and paint...and of course his old HR Holden Ute that he (and us kids!) absolutely adored. My brothers and I would help him as he serviced, tinkered and cleaned that car - and Pop used to say "Best car in Waratah! Tah Tah!"

So many of your boys will do those same things with their Dad's and Granddads. I am sure for many it will be a memory they will treasure for their whole life...just like my brothers and I do. Those days spent in Pop's garage are some of the most special I have. It was this feeling, these memories that bring a smile to my face and instantly take me back all those years that brought me to create our Granddad's Garage Limited Edition Sessions for our clients with little boys.

Our 3rd Granddad's Garage is coming up soon - all the information is below. If you would like to come along, please send us an email or give us a call so that we can reserve your space for you. As we have for many clients over the past 2 years, we would love to create portraits that are beautiful, lasting and special for your little boy. I am sure you will love Granddad's Garage as much as we do.

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